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The Southern California Conference Women’s Missionary Society was organized in 1925. Some churches however, had mission groups prior to 1925.

Caring and Sharing have dominated the activities of African Methodist Episcopal women for more than 200 years. They have followed in the tradition set by our honored founder, Sarah Allen, and those noble missionaries who were the first members of the “Dorcas Society”, organized in 1824 to work and help care for the men who were helping to establish the A.M.E. Churches.


Later, in 1827, the “Daughters of Conference” were formed who met a few days before conference, working many times all night, sewing to make clothing, mend coats, pants and underwear that the men who had faced danger and endured deprivation and want all during the year, to spread the gospel of Christ, might be presentable at the opening of the conference.

Later, in 1874 the Mite Missionary Society of the A.M.E. Church was organized and was destined to be the strong arm of the Church in helping to redeem South and West Africa, South America and the Isles of the Seas, especially the Island of Haiti.


In 1895 the Conference Branch Societies were organized. The General Conference in 1944 authorized the merging of the two organizations into the Connectional Women’s Missionary Society. On September 30, 1925, the first Annual Session of the Southern California Conference was convened at First A.M.E. Church in Los Angeles. The first Annual Session of the Women’s Mite Missionary Society of the Southern California Conference Branch was call to order on October 1, 1925 with eighteen (18) societies answering the Roll Call.

There is a rich history that makes up the Southern California Conference Women’s Missionary Society which is more than can be placed on this website at this time. We realize that many missionary sisters have fallen asleep after laying the foundation of the Southern California Conference Women’s Missionary Society. Because of their dedication and our commitment to serve our Lord and Savior Jesus we continue to fulfill the mission of Caring and Sharing at home and abroad as the need and occasion for service presents itself. Today, we have 54 churches with 45 local WMS societies and a membership of over 1000.


Join us as we strive in Christ to Improve Global Health, Healing, Hope and Human Dignity


The Women's Missionary Society is where our light can shine for Jesus and make a difference in the world for people who are in need both spiritually and physically.


We Thank God for His abundant Blessings through our Area Chairpersons, 5K Walk & Health Expo Chairpersons, Local WMS Societies who donated & contributed in any shape, form or fashion, YPDers, Churches, Facilities & Healthcare Providers who made themselves available to serve our communities with much needed information.

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